Water Skiing Sports Event

  • 2024 m. Lithuanian Water Skiing Championship – Slalom / Two rounds / Open
  • 2024 m. Lithuanian Junior Water Skiing Championship – Slalom / Two rounds / U14, U17, U21


Competition date






Water skiing sports club „SKRIEJANTIEJI BANGOMIS“


Ranking (Homologation)


Training and competition venue

Water skiing sports club „SKRIEJANTIEJI BANGOMIS“, Padekaniškių g. 50, 06229 Vilnius, Lithuania


General information

Ričardas Lažinskas
Tel.: +37069935500
El. paštas:



Registration of participants is done by filling out the participant
Confirmation of registration is sent by e-mail.


Start fee

Lithuanian citizens – free of charge

Foreign citizens – Lithuanian water skiing championship – € ,-


Official pre-competition training – — 08 2024 from 12:00 p.m.

Training takes place on the official course with an official boat prepared for the competition.

Training price: 6 passes € ,-
Training reservation time can be ordered on the “Skriejantieji Bangomis” website –


Submission of applications, start protocols

Applications are accepted until — / 08 / 2024, at 18:00.
Meeting of judges – — / 08 / 2024, at 18:00
Announcement of start protocols – — / 08 / 2024, 21:00 on the website.


Competition program

Start of the competition* 8:00 – 9:00 (the exact time will be announced together with the announcement of the start list on –/08/2024, 21:00)


Schedule of the competition*:

    • 2024 Lithuanian Water Skiing Championship – First round
    • 2024 Lithuanian Water Skiing Championship – Second round
    • 2024 m. Lithuanian Junior Water Skiing Championship – First round
    • 2024 m. Lithuanian Junior Water Skiing Championship – Second round
    • Closing of the competition and awards

* The start time of the competition, as well as the times of the competition can be changed depending on the weather forecasts and real weather conditions at the competition site.


Lithuanian Water Skiing Championship:

The Lithuanian Water Skiing Championship is conducted according to the “Rules of the International Water Skiing and Waterboarding Federation” (IWWF). Starting speeds: women – 34 km/h, men – 37 km/h

Men will have the opportunity to choose the maximum speed of the boat – 58km/h or 55km/h. The result of a speed of 55 km/h will be evaluated by 6 buoys less. (eg – 6 / 16.25/55= 6/18.25/58)

All skiers will compete in two rounds. The starting order of the second round will be based on the result of the first round. The best result of any two rounds will count.

This is the official Lithuanian Water Skiing Championship, so foreign athletes cannot be officially announced as winners and will participate as guests. A general list of results will be drawn up, and foreign athletes – winners of the first three places – will be awarded diplomas.


Lithuanian Junior Water Ski Championship::

The Lithuanian Junior Water Ski Championship is held in accordance with the “Rules of the International Federation of Water Skiers and Waterboarders” (IWWF).

Age groups: U14, U17, U21

Initial speed: U14 – 28 km/h, U17 – 34 km/h, U21 – 37 km/h


According to the regulations of the Lithuanian Championship, athletes are considered champions and prize winners, if at least 4 (four) athletes participate in the age group. 



Mr. Judge – TBA
Judge – TBA


Official boat

Correct Craft 196, Engine PCM 6.0 Liter, 415 HP
Speed control version- Zero Off GPS Tournament Speed Control System